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Meet the Committee (17-18)

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Hi everyone, meet this year’s committee!


Alicia Eland (Captain)

Joined- first year

‘I joined Pole Fitness because I love being active and wanted to do something a little different, push myself out of my comfort zone and try something completely new.’

Favourite move – yogini or cross ankle release

Move I would to work on/improve – Invert by the end of the year




Olivia Davidson (Vice-captain)

Joined- first year

‘I joined pole in my first year and thought it was unusual and looked like fun!’

Favourite move- The Bridge. ‘it’s great and flexible’

Move I would like to work on/improve- Shoulder mount and Iron X




Aimee Lodge (Social Sec)

Joined- first year

‘I joined because I’ve danced all my life and I wanted to do something different.’

Favourite move- One handed genie

Move I would like to work on/improve- Yogini




Lauren Ross (Social Sec)

Joined- second year

‘Joining was the best decision ever!! I was so close to joining in first year but I didn’t which I regret. I joined because it was different to anything I’ve ever done before and I just thought it looked so amazing.’

Favourite move- Broken dragon. ‘It looks fab’

Move I would like to work on/improve- Superman and yogini. ‘I will get them!’



Hanisha Cheema (Communications Officer)

Joined- second year

‘I wanted to join pole in first year but didn’t. In my second year I knew I had to do it. I thought it looked so interesting, and it was something different. It looked like a whole lot of fun (which it definitely proved to be).’

Favourite move- The flag

Move I would like to work on/improve- Invert. ‘I know I will get it this year’



Nikki Lines (Competitions Captain)

Joined- first year

‘I have been pole dancing for about 7 years. I joined to get back into pole after I twisted my pelvis, and had been out for 2 years.’

Favourite move- Any shoulder mount variation

Move I would like to work on/improve- Hand springs and elbow grips



Brett Holyhead (Competitions Secretary)

Joined- first year

'I have always been fascinated with pole. I loved its elegance, beauty and the amount of stamina and endurance you need to perform a routine. I joined to improve my strength and flexibility,but most of all to improve my confidence, so I could feel amazing while pushing my body to the extreme and see what it can achieve.' 

Favourite move- Spatchcock

Move I would like to work on/improve- Russian split and bird of paradise



Olivia Payne (Charity Officer)

Joined- second year

‘I had done it once at home and I really enjoyed it. It’s a way for me to work on my strength, yet have fun and feel sexy.’

Favourite move- Cross knee release

Move I would like to work on/improve- Invert









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