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Stretch and flexibility lesson

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Our first stretch and flexibility class

Our stretch and flexibility class was definitely a success!

There were so many pole members who turned up and we all went through lots of different stretches, partnering up as well to help each other for some. The class was held in small hall, with around 14 of us who were there and the exercises were done on matts. The session lasted around 1 hour.

Pole fitness captain Alicia Eland ran the class, showing us her impressive bendiness. Some of the stretches included:

Splits training

The crab, with different variations such as with both hands on the floor, one foot in the air, and trying to touch our head with our feet

Back of thigh stretch

Lower back stretch

Head stand

And many more!

Lots of pictures were taken, so we can track our progress and look at the difference at the end of the year. The pole practice session was held right after the stretch class. We are looking forward to doing these classes every Wednesday!






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