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First charity event of the year

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Hello everyone!

On Wednesday 25th October, Pole fitness hosted the first proper charity event of the year!! An event to support and raise awareness of mental health.

We were supporting movements of ‘This Girl Can’ and ‘National Time to Talk Day’. In support of this, we all payed £1, and we got comfy in our pyjamas and blankets in the back of the SU. Charity officer Olivia Payne did a brilliant job of organising this event, and worked super hard to get everything sorted for it. There were balloons, lots of snacks, bean bags and blankets, hot drinks (and the best of all, lots of pizza!). A pole was up as well for anyone who wanted to show off a few moves.

We all sat in a circle and did happiness building activities. We also wrote on a piece of paper something that makes us feel anxious or upset, and folded up the piece of paper. It was all anonymous and was read out afterwards, which we then discussed as a group, about how we could overcome it or deal with whatever was bothering that person. The paper was then torn by the person who wrote it, if they wanted to admit to it, or by Liv if they didn’t want to, and thrown into the middle. It was a genuinely heart-warming activity, which got us all together talking about real day to day issues, and it was lovely to have everyone there as a big family. We also had the SU president, Cherelle Mitchell there to talk to us about mental health, and the services the university provides.

The money raised went to Chester Sexual Abuse Support Service (CSASS), which is our chosen charity for this year. We hope to see you all at our next charity event!

Much love

Your comms sec x











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