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First 2 Weeks

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Hello lovely people!

It has been a super busy couple of weeks for Pole Fitness, prepping for the year ahead. On the 18th September, we had pre-season training in the small hall. This consisted of flexibility, strength and toning workouts. Different workouts lasted about 30 minutes, involving push ups, squats, splits etc. After that, an hour was spent on the pole, going over basic and favourite moves. We also had a charity photoshoot for committee members, where everyone did their favourite moves on the pole, and then were edited brilliantly to look like professional photos!

On the 19th September was committee training, so we had a few members attend that to make sure we have a great year. On the 28th September was the sports and society fair. The committee made leaflets, posters and cards for potential joiners to take, our Captain Ali also put posters up all around campus to promote pole. All committee members and helpers worked hard and managed to get 250 sign ups! Straight after the fair, we had a committee meeting, where we discussed plans for the year such as charity events, fundraising for a third pole, competitions and flexibility sessions. Taster session ran over the weekend and a Monday, and on another week due to the amount that signed up, and have so far been successful. Brett has done first aid training, and the aim is for all committee members to be first aid and spotter trained.

Our new social secs for the year, Aimee and Lauren were busy planning the first social, which was themed as cops and robbers, and have been busy planning more socials, including sober ones for the year ahead.

It has been a great couple of weeks, and we are all excited for the rest of the year!


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