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Review of 2017/18

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SUMMARY OF 2017/18

This year has been incredible for netball. We had much success within our leagues. A highlight being our first tem participating and playing netball at an extremely high standard in BUCS league 1A. Also, our other three teams have excelled in their leagues. This year has been a record year for charity as we have raised nearly £4,000 for several charities. Bring on next year!




This year was a huge success for netball. We raised £1364 for Giddo’s Gift and Teenage Cancer Trust by participating in Hell Runner. Our girls also slept on the streets in order to raise money and awareness for Chester’s Aid for the Homeless.

Netball also participated in a Community Clean up. We also had girls coach netball within an after-school club at a local school. We have also carried out our annual Take Me Out event in aid of Cancer Research and Charity Netball.



The two teams that were promoted last year have remained and excelled in their leagues this year. Our fourth have maintained their place in their league with the prospect of being promoted next year. The whole club have undertaken a new fitness regime, including going to Fitness Friday on a regular basis.


PLANS FOR 2018-19


  • Next year we have huge plans of MIXED netball with potential of entering into a tournament

  • We also have aims to raise more than £4000 for Charity

  • Setting up a 5th team

  • Promotions in leagues for all teams

  • Cup/ Trophy winner

  • Beating Salford. Again!


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