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Review of 2017/18

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SUMMARY OF 2017/18:-

During fresher’s week the club was able to get decent numbers for the year beating the number of student who had signed up last year. The first taster session was brilliant, we were able to attain 6 new fresher’s on the first team which was double that of the previous two years, along with that the 2nd team had a great addition in new talent helping them to have their best start to a season ever.  When it came closer to Christmas time the 1st team sustained a lot of injuries various players which put great stress on the team however we were able to push through and only lost a single game during that stretch of injuries. The 2nd team was playing amazing and linking up very well with their new additions in Jack Price who was previously in 1st team and Tim Knolla from the states, however the team lost Tim after Christmas and they couldn’t find they’re previous form but they still finished with their best record to date. The 1st team had then got back most of their players coming back from injury, the team starting to get clicking again and they were smashing teams in both the cup and the league. Towards the end of the season the 1st team had to beat rivals for the league title Lancaster University who had previously beaten them by 43 points during the stretch of injuries, this meant that the 1st team had the impossible task of beating the top contenders for the title by 44pts and somehow the 1st team prevailed beating rivals by 51 points pushing them up to the top of the table where they would remain for the rest of the season. The 1st was also in the cup which they happened to win making them back to back Northern conference cup champions which had never been done before. To cap off an amazing year for the club the Varsity came round where we had our largest audience in attendance and the team put on a show. The team comprised of 3rd year students along with most of the 1st team, the guys played well beating their varsity rivals in great fashion.   


We will be putting a bigger focus on charity work this coming as we have fell short in the recent years. We have a few new ideas like charity tournaments, world record attempts, asking for charity money at games and more. We will be engaging with the non-basketball students getting them involved in the sport as we will be having an intramural tournament where all will be welcome across all levels including having male and female mixed teams.


  • 1st team became Northern division 2 league winners.
  • 1st became back to back Northern Conference Cup winners (first team to achieve this).
  • 2nd team had the best ever season in a tight competitive division narrowly finishing 4th.
  • Becoming overwhelming varsity winners

PLANS FOR 2018-19

The year ahead is of great importance to us, we want to become the face of the university sports societies and this means we must do better and excel in all areas. Having just gain promotion into division 1 the 1st team are looking to win the league and gain further promotion into the premier division. The 2nd team are looking to gain promotion as well from division 4 and both teams should receive an influx of new talent along with the players we already have coming from a great season for both teams. We hope to gain some traction with the running of the intramural league this coming year as we did struggle last year to do so, however with the improved numbers in the club this should start to run more smoothly. Another aspect we are excited about the charity events that we will run throughout the year, this is one the most important aspects with we need to improve on.


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