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Review of 2017/18

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SUMMARY OF 2017/18

The club engaged in several events during fresher’s week ranging from participation in the sports and society’s fair to walking around the different campus in Chester to speak with students passing out information about lacrosse and what the club could offer people. The following 2 weeks the club put on taster sessions which we had good participation for and went well and as a result we managed to hit our recruitment sign up to play for the season which was a big positive. The first game of the season followed and we had a lot of new players playing as that is the nature of the club we couldn’t play without them we lost due to the inexperience of our team but the following week we picked up our first win of the season and from there we went from strength to strength to finish second with a last day 9-8 victory over Sheffield the only other team that could have beaten us to second. We managed to achieve this despite having problems with not being able to play at our home pitch Kingsway for most the season which hindered our performance as our home games had to be held near Manchester at Timperly lacrosse club. The strong season we had was down to the player commitment and the coaching we had the team came on leaps and bounds changing from a team of new players to a team that could compete to a high standard and become one of the best teams in the league.



We did not engage in as many charity events as we would have liked but one of the ones we did engage in was the charity row-a-thon which managed to raise a lot of money and us as a club managed to finish 3rd in.



One of the biggest triumphs of the season was turning a team of inexperienced people that had never played together before into a team of lacrosse players that became one of the best teams in the league and finished second via a final day 9-8 victory over Sheffield. The biggest triumph of all was how close the group became we transformed from a group of strangers that did not know one another to a group of friends that regularly did stuff outside the confides of the sporting side of the club which made playing the sport even more enjoyable.


PLANS FOR 2018/19

We are excited for the year ahead as we plan to further develop the club building on the strong season we had last year, using the experience the players earnt last year as well as the skills of the coaching team to have a good cup run and do well in the league. We also plan to hold several charity events with one of the main events we hope to do being a charity walk up Snowdon to hopefully raise a lot of money for our chosen charity.


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