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Cheese & Wine Night

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"The evening was very enjoyable. Through all the laughs and inspiring stories everyone learnt a lot from the memorable experience.”

On a chilly November evening the Ultimate Frisbee team once again hosted a cheese and wine night, and were greeted with the warming atmosphere at Sarl-Williams Court. Having previously hosted similar events at the residential home, we embraced familiar faces as well as new ones. The event was well attended which made for a whole variety of encapsulating conversations and memories.

“It was so lovely to catch up with people who I had gotten to know the year before. A night full of laughter, can’t wait until next time!”

Thanks to the fantastic support of several local businesses who provided the wine and cheese for the event; Veeno wine bar, Telford’s Warehouse and Music Hall Tap, we had everything we needed for a wonderful evening. All of the produce was valued in high regard, shown by the fact that there was nothing left to spare!

A particularly warm moment for me was connecting with one lady about where she grew up, which was a place I knew well. We were both able to share treasured stories about a place that meant so much to the pair of us. Each time we come we find out that we have more in common than we thought possible, which inspires a connection between being a student and actually being a part of Chester’s community. At Ultimate Frisbee we feel that it is important to maintain a close relationship with the older generation and cherish the opportunities to spend quality time with such remarkable people.

We are all excited for more events like this in the future!


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