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Review of 2017/18

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SUMMARY OF 2017/18

We are very proud of all of our achievements this year. As a team we worked hard battling through tough rounds of the Northern Cup as well as competing in league matches each week. We got to the Semi-Final round of the Northern Cup, beating many of our rival teams and being one of the top university teams in the North. Another proud achievement came when taking part in our annual Varsity against Salford University. We succeeded with a fantastic 3-0 win and contributed to becoming overall Varsity winners! We also worked very hard in our league this year and are excited to play next year and see how we progress when faced with new opposition. We also took part in many social activities, integrating with many people from different teams and becoming closer as a team.



As a team we took part in many different events ran in the Students Union which all helped with fundraising for charities. We also secured a deal with a company under new management in Chester. This was beneficial for both parties as it gave us sponsorship and promotions in return of our attendance to events. This was a community partnership which we are thriving to continue to work with for benefits for not only our club, but for their business.



  • Reaching the Semi-Final of the Northern Cup.

  • Securing a successful sponsorship with a local business in Chester.

  • Successfully playing against teams in a new and difficult league.


PLANS FOR 2018/19

Next year we are excited to play in a new league, playing against teams we have not faced before. We are also excited to see how our sponsorship continues to flurry and we hope to do more events outside of university to raise money for numerous charities.


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