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Review of 2017/18

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SUMMARY OF 2017/18

Chester Men’s Football had one of the most successful years in its history, securing success in 3 of our 4 teams. Despite being a relatively small club in comparison to bigger universities, we finished the season as the 7th best university football club in the North out of 39 teams. We had a very good intake of Fresher’s and not only were many of them successful in being selected for teams, but they also took part in some of the best attended socials that we have had. As well as our success across the 3 teams, we also beat Salford 3-0 in Varsity to ensure that 2017-18 was one of the best years for Chester Men’s Football.



Although we did not achieve the fundraising target we set ourselves, we did still manage to raise over £200 from a UV social which was donated to our charity. We also took part in the Community Clean Up as well as numerous volunteering activities across Fresher’s Week.



This was arguably one of our most successful years as a collective team - both our first and second teams won their leagues, with the first team now competing in 1A which is the highest level of league competition. As well as this, our third team secured a memorable cup win to ensure that 3 of our 4 teams enjoyed success last year. Although the 4th team did not secure a league win, we are confident that they can improve next year.


PLANS FOR 2018/19

We are excited for the year ahead - although we have lost a lot of valuable members who have finished their 3 years, we are looking forward to new and existing members taking on the responsibility. From a competitive view, we are in the top leagues and are eager to see how we perform, and regarding charity events, we hope to raise upwards of £1000 to not only beat last years target, but to also ensure that we continue to improve year by year.


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