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Review of 2017/18

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SUMMARY OF 2017/18

This last year has shown a major increase of members to archery from the get go with the amount of freshers the most for the past few years. From this we were able to enter a new archery league which allowed archers to showcase their skill against those of other archers from northern universities. Although we lost our small part of varsity we improved upon the previous year, boosting the confidence of archers involved. Two of our archers made it to BUCs finals and both made it to the head to head stage, the previous year only saw a single person go through to finals, a small increase but an increase non-the-less.



This year allowed for more charity events and community engagement, this started with the charity target being surpassed with the second of three charity events, then came the big SU clean-up in which archery and fencing as well as MMA teamed together to power through the streets of Chester along with other sports to help clean up the area.



This year saw Chester join the Neual league which allowed us to expand our reach with other universities as well as hosting an event ourselves welcoming other universities to ours. This was a major triumph for our small sport.


PLANS FOR 2018-19

Our plans for 2018-19 are to raise £200 for the MIND charity as well as hopefully partake in friendly matches against other universities and once again helping get our members to be the best archers they can and get more people to the final of BUCS.



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