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Review of 2017/18

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SUMMARY OF 2017/18

Although we weren’t able to achieve the membership we were aiming for, I feel like we had a really successful year in other ways. Due to the niche subject that Anime & Manga is its quite difficult to draw in members, which is something I am looking to improve upon next year. We’ve held many more socials this year which has helped bring the society closer together as a result, we’ve also held a number of charity events the most successful being our Christmas party. I’m not sure the exact number but we raised over £100 for charity, a quite successful amount due to our society’s size.



One of the things we definitely aim to improve next year is this. We had a charity officer at the beginning of last year, however they weren’t very successful and all their charity events failed to raise much money. It was decided among the rest of the committee that they weren’t suitable for the role and was therefore removed from the position. After this we held the Christmas party which was a massive success and made over £100, which for the size of our society is a lot!

As for community engagement we haven’t really done much unfortunately, I do plan on improving this next year.



As I’ve mentioned before I feel like our biggest triumph this year was the Christmas party, not only because we raise a lot of money however. The party began as a collaboration between us, Video Game Society & Card Games Society, it was the first time we’ve worked together with other societies. Unfortunately, both societies dropped out a week before the party leaving it up to our society to fill in what they were planning to bring to the party. Despite this it was still a successful night.


PLANS FOR 2018/19

I’m already planning on ways to hopefully draw more people to our society, although I have nothing concrete at the moment I do have quite a few ideas, such as advertising the society to people who are interested in Anime & Manga and want to get into the genre. I feel some people were put off from our society because they assumed they would need to be an expert to enjoy the society and fit in, I want to let them know they’re welcome. Before I joined the society I knew very little about A&M but was just interested to see what it’s all about, and now I’m the captain of the society next year!

I’ve also got ideas for movie charity nights, socials for the society as well as organising our society’s yearly convention.

I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do for the society to hopefully make next year our best one yet!


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