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Review of 2017/18

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SUMMARY OF 2017/18

Fresher’s Fair was a success for Rugby Union, with many new faces signing up and wanting to join the team. The year itself was a tough one on the field, but enjoyable nevertheless. We had a quality coach with help from former captain Jack Appleby, and the team worked hard on and off-the-field. However, results didn’t go our way and at times it was frustrating. However, this year the side have decided to change to Rugby League, being located in the heartland of the sport and with partners and Super League side Warrington Wolves training on campus, in which we hope we can develop a relationship with. The year was an enjoyable one, with organised trips to Warrington Wolves games and several social activities which saw the group bond as a team. This will look to continue in 2018/19 and is something we are all excited for.



Last year, the team raised a high volume of money for Oliva Alice Foundation, a charity close to our hearts. After hosting a ‘Take Me Out’ style charity night in the bar. With hosts Glenn David and Lewis Holt, the team found volunteers to take part in the night and choose who they would like to couple up with, which included a ‘mini-date’ and a free drink following their partnering up. Rugby, no matter which code, has always been one of the leading sports in charity fundraising, both professionally and amateur, and this is something we aim to continue in 2018/19 with Charity Officer Sam Derbyshire leading the way.



Team bonding is something important to the rugby side and is something we will continue to grow in 2018/19. Last year, we went to a handful of Warrington Wolves fixtures and will look to do this again with VP Jack Appleby hopefully keeping the relationship strong.

Additionally, the side raised a substantial amount of money for charity last year which was one of the biggest triumphs of the season off-the-field. This, again, will be something we will be aiming to do in the next year.


PLANS FOR 2018-19

This year is an extremely exciting one, changing codes from Rugby Union to Rugby League. A fresh start may be something this side needs, and we look forward to the challenge in the new league which potentially involves Chester Campus’ side. We look forward to potentially building a relationship with partners Warrington Wolves and hope to work hard on and off the field foe what should be a successful season.

As previously stated, rugby is a leading sport for charity events and we will be looking to raise a substantial amount of money again in the 2018/19 year which will go to a good cause and be enjoyable along the way.

Team bonding is always a part of rugby, and trips and socials will be organised along the year. This could include several trips to Warrington Wolves matches in the Super League.


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