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Academic Integrity Monthly: Say No to Buying Essays

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AIM - Academic Integrity Monthly: Say No to Buying Essays!

We know that when time is short and you’re wondering how to finish that assignment, things get desperate. We also know that there are a lot of companies out there just waiting to use that desperation to their advantage.

Buying essays (also called commissioning) online is unfortunately an area of Academic Integrity that we have seen in the past, and are likely to see in the future. It is also something that will result in one of the highest penalties being applied if it reaches an Academic Integrity panel. Commissioning falls under Misconduct, and can result in a failure of the assignment, a failure of the module, or even termination from University.

The simple advice when it comes to commissioning essays is: Don’t do it!

If the work you submit is not your own, whether you have paid someone else to complete it, or it has been done by a friend for free, you will face severe penalties for attempting to pass it off as your own work.

Now that you know not to do it, share the message with friends. We don’t want to see any student at the University of Chester falling into the trap of thinking that buying an essay is ok, because they got a leaflet through the door telling them about it. These companies are not sanctioned, and academics across the country are working hard to see this process outlawed.

If you are struggling and feel this is the only way you can complete your work on time, please consider looking into the support mechanisms available at University. Speak with your PAT or course tutors about applying for an extension or a deferral to give you some breathing room to complete your work, or talk to an SU advisor if you have recently submitted something and would like to apply for mitigating circumstances. Successful mitigating circumstances will void your most recent submission, and delay submission until the next assessment period.

Remember, say NO to Buying Essays!


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