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The 47 Club - The Orchestral Societies Christmas Concert 7/12/17

What better way to get myself into the Christmas spirit than the Orchestral Society’s main event of the year, The Christmas Concert, stop number 5 on my road to the 47 club.
I was warmly welcomed in the entrance of Malloy Auditorium by the society who were taking £3 for entry and also selling raffle tickets for some great prizes that included vouchers for the Funky cow, Red lion, Escapism Chester and everyone's favourite Hanky Panky pancakes to name a few. The auditorium stage had been given a Christmas make over with bright sparkly tinsel everywhere.
The concert began and instantly i sat back and just relaxed listening to the brilliant music i was hearing. The songs had clearly been well practised and rehearsed, the conductor kept the group in time fantastically and the transition between songs was almost seamless meaning I had the pleasure of listening to a large range of festive songs. The Orchestral group for the concert was made up of a selection of wind and stringed instruments, i have always loved the sound of the Saxophone but listening to the soft touch of the flutes, deeper tones of the clarinet, sharpness of the violin and the crisp trumpet made the whole performance come together amazingly.
The whole night was in aid of a very relative and carefully chosen charity Nordoff Robins which is the largest independent music charity in the UK. Nordoff Robins has helped thousands of people worldwide by providing music therapy sessions to vulnerable people, for example those with mental health issues. All the money from the tickets on the door and raffle has gone towards this fantastic and very appropriate charity considering the event.
My personal favourites of the night were the compilation of Queen songs which started to the famous beat of We Will Rock you. Joy to the world was beautifully played, as was O Come, All Ye Faithful. Ending the concert with We wish you a merry Christmas was just the perfect ending in which the whole audience sang along.
A warm, Christmassy and fantastic evening was had by all who attended and the Orchestral Society should be very proud of themselves for hosting such a brilliant event for such a close to home charity.