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The 47 Club - Sex, Drugs and the birth of Swing Dance - 6/11/17

Here is the third instalment on my road to reaching the 47 club, they say 3 is a magic number and after visiting the UoC Swing Dance society I couldn't agree more with that statement.
The art of swing dance originated out of rebellion of the stiff and regimented culture of the 1920's. People who wanted to kick back, relax and have a drink, amongst other frowned upon habits (See title for further clarification), expressed themselves through dancing. Finding this out just gave me a whole new perspective on how I viewed swing dance, I now see it as an energetic, exciting and exhilarating opportunity to take part in.
Trust me it really was exhilarating! The feeling I got when I successfully completed a certain dance move or style of dance was in the same bracket as getting a wicket in cricket or scoring a try in rugby. The session started off with learning some basic swing dance moves, despite me being out of time and rhythm with everyone else I persevered and eventually my feet, legs, arms and body started doing what my brain was telling it to.
Bang! It was at this point where I started feeling the music and the beat, this then turned into an extra bounce and spring in my movement and a massive smile on my face. At least I was feeling good, looking good was definitely a different story. I can only apologies to the dancing partners that I was with and the committee members who spent a lot of extra time with me in order to try and make me not look like a Giraffe on ice.
Next it was onto learning the Charleston. Now this is where it got tough for me, learning segments of a routine just flew over my head, forgetting which foot goes where and which direct to twist and turn my body took multitasking to a whole new level for me. However, slowly but surely, the more I practised the better I got and sure enough my limbs connected up with my brain and it all came together. When the whole group then performed the dance it was just electric everyone was just buzzing when it finished.
To round off an awesome evening there was a 10 minute free dance time, random songs were played and people just danced however they felt. I was kindly allowed to pick a couple songs, these being 'Mess Around' and 'I've got a women' by the one and only Ray Charles, i just let loose and danced like crazy. Very Cathartic.
I am learning a lot about myself when visiting our Societies, I'm developing the ability to throw myself fully into whatever environment it is that I'm in, whether that's acting with C.U.T.S or getting political with the Labour Society. Seeing what it is that our students are getting involved in and enjoying is by far my favourite part of this job. Who knows where my journey to reach the 47 Club will take me next.