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The 47 Club - STEMs Cybersecurity Conference 2017 Riverside Innovation Centre - 28/11/17

Visit number 4 on my road to reaching the 47 club has lead me to attending the Cybersecurity Conference 2017. This event has been organised by Richard Bloxam-Rose and his very productive STEMs society.
The event was extremely well attended by students, staff and professionals from within the sector. The conference took place at the Riverside Innovation where we were greeted by members of the STEMs, freebies, food and drinks. I would like to say a massive congratulations and well done to Richard and his team on organising such a brilliant event. After the event was formally introduced by Richard, Lee Speakman programme leader of Cybersecurity at the University of Chester took the microphone and gave us a breakdown of the Cybersecurity courses and modules that our students study here at Chester. Lee used this opportunity to encourage professionals to speak to students about their experiences in the industry and also take up students on work placements and future job opportunities.
It was then time for the guest speakers from IntaForensics who spoke fantastical about Cyber Attacks. Damian Walton provided examples of how easy and common it was to be hacked or to build up personal profiles of individuals and businesses. Damian's colleagues Andrew Bassi and Sam Walton then performed a live demonstration of a computer being hacked, the process started off by using a "supposedly lost" USB stick to get into a computer, from which bank account details and confidential information were accessed. This was extremely interesting and scarily realistic so I have definitely taken a few pieces of advice to improve my Cybersecurity.
The next guest speaker Lucas O'Mahony, a lecturer, student and LIS IT technician at UoC then explained about how to prevent cyber-attacks, this involved simple techniques that we can all carry out in order to make our technological devices safer. Lucas then went into detail about his research project which was presented very well so that even me and tech rookie could understand. 
All in all this was a fantastic event that was put together brilliantly, it was a great opportunity for students and staff to network with professionals in the area of Cybersecurity and with the numbers in attendance this opportunity was made full use of.