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The 47 Club - Ding Ding Round 2

Chester University Thespian Society (C.U.T.S) - 16/10/17

 It was the turn of the C.U.T.S on my journey to reaching the 47 and what a night I had. 

 Once the session began I was instantly taken back to year 9 drama class where I haven't done improvising or acting since. Tip of the tongue twisters got the session going alongside a speed clapping game which is a lot harder than you think. 

I was unsure as to what to expect before I turned up, would they be rehearsing something and I just watched? It was actually quite the opposite! Once the warm up games had finished we began acting out scenarios like 'this isn't a chair', this was a game where you had to use your imagination and pretend the chair was anything but. It was very funny to see where people’s imagination took them using only a chair. This is exactly what I had hoped the session would be like, really fun, interactive and engaging. 

The next task reminded me on the brilliant T.V. Show who's line is it anyway, a show that I have always wanted to be in, it was the scenario game. All improvised, the game involved 2 people to act out a made up scene, at any point in the scene another member could shout out FREEZE, both people had to then hold their position. The member who shouted freeze then swapped out with one person and changed the scenario, this meant that a well-timed FREEZE could lead on to something completely different. 

To top off a really enjoyable session, a classic game of wink murder took place. All in all I absolutely loved taking part in the session and finding out what C.U.T.S have got planned for the year. A play in a day sounds brilliant, this is where a play is written, rehearsed and performed all in 24 hours. Their second main event is a large scale production where they will be rehearsing from after Christmas.

Great stuff from C.U.T.S