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My role in more detail...

Hi team, as your Vice President Activities I’m here to let your voice be heard, ultimately making sure you have the best experience at university as possible. It’s my job to be getting you as active as possible, whether that’s by joining sports teams and societies or by volunteering and being green. Trust me when I say you will meet friends for life through the communities, groups and teams that you join at University. With sports fixtures and society meet ups every week and big events like Varsity 2018 there is so much to look forward to. Join me on this journey for the best years of your life.
What I look to achieve: 
I want everyone to see, hear and talk about all the amazing stuff our students are doing. I’m planning on starting a student media team to increase our Media output is top of my list. I’m keen to keep Wednesday afternoons free so that every student has the opportunity to get involved. I want to help address the mental and physical health of you students too so keep your eyes peeled for activities to get involved in. But I’m keen to hear your ideas on what activities we need to improve your experience at the University so get in touch.