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Mainfestio aim: Keeping Wednesday Afternoons Free ...


  • Campaigning to have no lectures after 12 o’clock on a Wednesday to encourage students getting involved in extra-curricular activities


  • Set a question of the month (QOTM) – Do you want to keep Wednesday afternoons free of lectures after 12pm for extra-curricular activities? – This was to find out what our students wanted and whether I would campaign for this to happen.
  • 763 responses to the QOTM with 93% of responses being yes, this was the second highest ever questioned QOTM.
  • Have set up a meeting on 28/11/17 with timetabling to look at what a student’s and Staff’s timetable would look like if this campaign was successful.
  • Running a campaign week (4th – 10th December 2017) in which I will be sending out more in depth surveys for both staff and students on KWAF and the implications this may have on learning and teaching.
  • 99 responses to Staff survey and 636 responses to student survey
  • Produced a KWAF report that was presented at student experience, outcomes include a Sports Authorisation Absence form and writing a KWAF policy that will both be presented at student experience
  • Report can be found here KWAF (Attach report)