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My role in more detail...

Hey guys! I’m Sophie, your newly elected Vice President Education for this academic year! My role as VP Education encompasses everything relating to your academic experience during your time here at Chester.
  • I’ll be spending a lot of time on your student academic representation system, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, which is a great way for you to get involved and engaged with both the Students’ Union and your academic department. Student academic representation forms an essential part of your academic experience here at Chester as it enables you to give feedback to your department, both positive and negative, and to enact positive change to bring about improvements you as students want to see within your departments.
  • I hope to improve the selection process for academic reps and increase staff accountability to make changes, and have made lots of changes to the training of reps and staff in regards to how the representation process should be carried out. After Christmas you’ll also be hearing from me regarding our annual ‘Above and Beyond Awards’, how you can get involved and nominate your academic and non-academic staff members and student academic representatives for awards. This event aims to give recognition to these individuals for the hard work they put in throughout the year!

Alongside these two focusses, I’m really excited about all of the other projects I’m going to get the opportunity to work on this year.
  • I aim to improve the relationship between the Union and various academic departments in order to work closely with academic staff to improve the rate at which feedback is returned to students and to create more accountability for staff to be responsible for maintaining this throughout the year and beyond.
  • I also want to work to increase communication between faculties and University support departments to improve issues encountered within timetabling of lectures and exams as well as working on issues encountered by joint honours students regarding lack of communication.
  • I hope to work closely with all satellite campuses in order to improve library facilities and access times, and look to improve and update course specific resources and software where this is an issue.
  • I want to ensure that all students are well informed on issues which are fundamental to your education which may otherwise pass you by, such as the Teaching Excellence Framework and the National Student Survey, and what these mean for you as students in order to enable you to make informed choices.
  • I also want to extend this to working on, and educating students about ongoing issues such as hidden course costs and what I can do to combat these, as well as ensuring that, whilst University can become a stressful environment, students know how to and are able to prioritise their health and wellbeing alongside their studies.
  • I aim to work with the University to improve our current attendance monitoring system, to work on subsidising printing costs and to ensure free resits continue.
  • I hope to extend our current Aspire Book Scheme to students at all levels of study in order to provide free or subsidised core text books.
  • Finally, I want to improve support provided for underrepresented groups in terms of financial and representative support and better social opportunities for postgraduate, mature and commuting students, as well as nursing and teaching students.

In addition to all of my personal aims, myself and your other Sabbatical Officers will be running campaigns across our campuses throughout the year, and getting involved with campaign work on a national scale alongside your National Officers in order to improve and advance the student movement as a whole. We’ll do our best to keep you all updated on our wins and the work we’re doing on our website here as well as on all of our social media, whilst trying to get out of the office to come and see you guys as much as possible, but if you don’t see us out and about, please don’t hesitate to come into the offices and say hi!