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Manifesto aim: Volunteering...


  • Students’ Union volunteering opportunities 



  • As much as a degree is very important at university, I think it is vital for students to engage in volunteering opportunities for self-development and experience to broaden students' horizon. Volunteering enhances our networking streams and it definitely helped me decide what vision and direction I wanted to take for my future, along with the networking I had with people I met within and outside the University. 

    The Students' Union and University reward your hard work volunteering and it is highly recognised across the University and in your future employment. This is done through the University volunteering service; any extra hours you do can go towards your points for the Chester Difference Award. 


What volunteering can you get involved in at the SU? 

  • ?Red T’s - helping fresher's get settled into University and assisting parents and students to their accommodation and university queries.
  • Union Council - Get elected on to our Student Union council to represent students on a larger scale. Fantastic experience and you get to hold your Sabbs accountable to the work they do. (Link to Union Council page).  
  • Student Media - Get involved in social media, videography, photography, journalism and anything media related, run by you! 
  • Community clean up - Support your city and environment by cleaning the local areas with your fellow student friends to give back to the community. 
  • Campaigns and SU events - Any campaign and event we put on you can share your ideas and get involved with however much you like, to increase your skills and enhance student opportunities.