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Manifesto aim: Tuition fees


  • Where are your tuition fees being spent? 




You should know exactly how your tuition fees are broken down within the University of Chester and what you are getting for your money. The University and Chester Students’ Union have worked together to produce this document for you to see where your tuition fees are being spent. It is important to note that this was based on the figures from 2015/16; we will be producing updated versions year on year.


Not only was this initiative because students wanted to know how their money was being spent, but because we want to make sure you get your ‘money’s worth’ here at the University of Chester. I tend to think of it like a gym membership; if you get involved with more of the opportunities available to you at the University, you will in turn get better outcomes and a better student experience the more you watch out for what is on offer. Obviously we wouldn’t want you to over stretch yourself, but utilise all that you can to get as much out of us as possible, it’s a no brainer really. J


The link is here:




If you have any feedback or any comments about the document, please get in touch on SUPresident@chester.ac.uk