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Manifesto aim: Business Networking Talks


  • One of my big aims was to enhance employability for students as we all know deep down we will have to enter the real world and get our first 'proper' job. My plan was to increase networking opportunities with local business and current employers. Therefore, we have worked closely with Careers and Employability to develop ASK sessions.


    ASK at the University of Chester. ASK events will bring employers and students together in an informal environment.  ASK stands for Ask questions, Shape ideas and Kick-start careers.  ASK events will be delivered across all campuses throughout the year, with some evening sessions scheduled.  Industry professionals will speak about their career experiences and use their industry expertise to inform and advise aspiring students.  ASK events are ran in a similar style to that of TED, to support inspiring and informative discussion in a relaxed and informal environment.


    ASK is the new Work Shadowing which aims to be informal, insightful and inspiring. You can look into ASK more through the Career Hub online (Check on portal).