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Manifest aim: Push Notifications through UoC App


  • Push Notifications through UoC App 


  • During my first term I pushed for push notifications from the high demand from students during my campaigning and personal experience as a graduate. Luckily towards the end of last year LIS granted this and students are able to see important news through the much notifications 

UPDATE (17/10/17):

  • Last year we lobbied the University to make sure students were notified through the app or email that their lectures are cancelled. The cancellation facility is in place throughout the University of Chester and all students must be notified if their sessions are cancelled for whatever reason.  However, if students are not notified that their lecture has been cancelled, this MUST be brought to the attention of their module StAR to ensure that this is addressed as soon as possible. Lecturers should be aware of notifying students of future cancelled sessions to avoid wasting students time and teaching and learning.

    If lecturers are cancelled this will not affect your overall attendance if there is a track record through the cancellation facility from your lecturer.