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Manifest aim: Common rooms


  • Satellite campus common rooms 


  • Thornton Campus - Since first being elected we worked on getting a common room for our Thornton campus to allow students to stay on campus and have a place to go during lecture times and after lectures to network and relax together. This has been implemented with pool tables, vending machines and kitchen facilities. 

  • Kingsway Campus - We are still in negotiations as to where the common room in Kingsway will be going, therefore please look out for any future press releases. 

  • Riverside Campus - This summer we have been a part of the negotiations with the design for the Riverside Common room; you may have already seen the new the common room because it has been completed and it's ready to use, so please enjoy! :) 

  • QueensPark Campus - We have set up a QueensPark forum for our representative to be a part of and voice any concerns. We have a common room on campus with a table tennis court and comfortable seating areas for you to relax and escape with your friends. If you have any further feedback on that space, please let us know.