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Why join a Sport or Society...

Join a Sport or Society

Joining a Club or Society is probably the best thing you can do whilst you’re here to help build skills, make new friends and grow your CV! With over 4,000 members in over 110 sports and societies, we cover a wide range of activities. Sport and Societies welcome new members throughout the year with main recruitment during Freshers Week. Sports and Societies also run ‘Give It a Go’ sessions so you can try before you buy! We work hard to make sure all Sport and Societies are inclusive and are run with equality in mind.
From course-based societies such as Psychology to nice interest Societies like Anime or Harry Potter, there’s something for everyone.
If you’re serious about sport or just serious about expanding your social circle and getting fit whilst doing it, join a sports club! Participation and enjoyment is just as important as skill at Chester and with sports clubs ranging from Hockey and Rugby to Ultimate Frisbee and Futsal, there’s something for all abilities.
If you’re new to your university, joining a sport or society can be a great way to settle in and meet people. Existing members will be keen to show you around and get you involved. Even if you’ve been at university for a while, you’d still be welcome too – you don’t need to be a fresher to join.
All sports and Societies have taster sessions or drop-ins and all welcome new members throughout the year so it is never too late to give something a try. With many activities subsidised by Chester students’ union, it is a cheap way to try something new without making a big commitment.
Taking part in sports and societies is a great way to develop your skills and can give you some great examples to talk about in job or further study applications and interviews, not to mention some great memories and stories to share with your friends.
All the sports and Societies can be found on the SU website at www.chestersu.com so drop them an email for more information.
If you would like to set up a society/sport or would like further information contact us at csuactivities@chester.ac.uk