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Wellbeing Week - How to get an extension

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Welcome to day five of our Students' Union wellbeing week! All week we'll be reaching out to you with wellbeing tips and information on how you can get support if you're finding this hard right now. The important message we want to impart is that it is ok not to be ok! If you're finding it difficult to keep on top of your work, or face the current situation generally, we're on hand to help you through it.

Today's topic guides you through how to apply for an extension, step-by-step. The University has created some excellent guides on what you'll need to do on the online forms in order to apply. Please remember to check which assignments you are requesting extensions or deferrals for! 


Applying for an Extension of up to and including 7 days

[Click Here]

Applying for an Extension of 8 days or more

[Click Here]

Applying for a Deferral, or making a request to remove a late work penalty

[Click Here]

You can apply for an extension or deferral by logging into the University pages at this link:



Still not sure if applying for mitigating circumstances is right for you? We can help!

Get in touch with our advice team, or the University Wellbeing team for more help and support.


CSU Advice Team 

For guidance on extensions, deferrals and appeals

Email: csuadvice@chester.ac.uk

Contact form: https://www.chestersu.com/advice/contact/


University Wellbeing Team

For guidance on extensions and deferrals, and wellbeing support

Email: wellbeing@chester.ac.uk


Article – Video walkthrough of the digital forms. Need to email student futures to see if they have one ready made. Include text info on contacting advice centre or wellbeing team.


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