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Congratulations to all students who are receiving their A Level results today! Whether you have the results you hoped for or not, today begins a new chapter, and for those reading this, that chapter is quite likely to be at the University of Chester! Here at Chester Students' Union, we hope to be a big part of your non-academic lives for the next three years or beyond. Our officer team have put together some messages of congratulations and support to those of you joining us in September:


Eleanor Lewis, President

Congratulations to everyone that has collected results over the last few days. We can’t wait to have you at Chester! My top tip for new students is don’t be nervous, everyone is in the same boat as you! Get yourselves involved in what the University and the Students’ Union has to offer and you’re sure to have the best time at uni.



Melanie Hooper, VP Education

Congratulations to everyone receiving their results today! Results day is a nerve wracking time, just remember not to worry, grades do not define you as a person. We can’t wait to see you all in September on moving in day!


Rio Hall, VP Activities

Congratulations to everyone collecting results! You’re about to start the most exciting years of your life! Top tip for new students, put yourself out there and get involved with as much as you can. Everyone is in the same boat as you!



Jack Appleby, VP Warrington

It’s A-Level Results day and you’ve probably got one thing on your mind and that’s probably that your results will be MAKE OR BREAK. Well that’s not the case through the University of Chester CLEARING you could be joining us in September. It’s been 5 years since I got my results and I truly can say that Chester was the best decision I ever made.

TOP TIP: When you get to University make sure you take the time to visit Freshers Fair and Sports and Society Fair, these will provide you with the opportunity to meet new people, get involved and see what the University of Chester really has to offer.


Courteney Ayre, VP Shrewsbury

Congratulations to everybody receiving their A-Level results today! This time last year I received my own results, and I was terrified, thinking that the piece of paper in my envelope was the be all or end all of my future – I promise you, it’s not. If you got into your firm choice, brilliant! But it doesn’t matter if you didn’t, there’s always a path you can take, be that your insurance choice or even clearing! Regardless of how you get to uni, I know that we would be so excited to have you as one of our brilliant #Shrewdents at University Centre Shrewsbury.

TOP TIP! Make sure that you get involved with as many SSU activities as you can – you’ll have the best time and make some amazing friends for life!



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