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Varsity 2019 (Chester v Salford) Round Up

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Chester Campus Varsity took place 2 weeks ago at the University of Salford. It’s the forth year of the Chester vs University of Salford Varsity. This year we had 23 teams took part including football, rugby, badminton and new clubs including american football. Cheste last year won the Varsity trophy and this year we were eager to bring it back home.

Over 700 athletes competed in the Varsity competition on the day and the rivalry was intense. In the morning, Chester went ahead on points but Salford were creeping back in the lead with strong wins. 


It was a close finish with Salford this year taking the win. 

Jack McGovern, Vice President Activities said “To say I am gutted about losing Varsity is an understatement, but to say that is was extremely enjoyable is also an understatement. Regardless of the result, varsity against Salford is a day where every sport comes together and support each other, the atmosphere and pitch invasion after that Netball game just epitomises this. Chester is one big family and our students proved this on the day, congratulations to all 10 teams that brought home the win and commiserations to those that lost. Losing away this year will only make the win at home next year that much more enjoyable. Forza Chester”


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