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The StArs are Changing

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Becoming a Student Experience Rep

Being a Student Experience Representative is an excellent way to become involved whilst studying but at the same time a way of enhancing your personal skills and development. As a Student Experience Rep you will have the responsibility of making sure students voices are heard by academic staff on a wide variety of areas surrounding academic and non-academic topics.

Do you want to be a part of making change?

Do you want to inspire others to become involved?

Do you want to develop your skills?

If you answered yes to any of the above then become involved today – contact studentreps@chester.ac.uk to express your interest!

Student Experience Reps are split into two areas, firstly there are Course Reps which represent their students on their course within their year of study, and they will gather feedback from their fellow students on various topics surrounding academic and non-academic areas, these could be both positive and negative.

Faculty Reps are those elected to represent the voices all students across a variety of courses within each faculty, these students will be elected into the role to ensure it is a democratic process. Faculty Reps will be a part of student council to voice the opinions and thoughts of their students. Faculty Reps will also have the opportunity to meet with VP Education Sophie Bell to discuss about Faculty related issues and Faculty wins.

By being involved is a great way to boost your CV and open up many opportunities whilst studying and within the future here at CSU we would encourage everyone to be involved so to find out more get in touch today!

As well as a new name and a new contact address CSU is investing in the system with the appointment of Gracie our first ever Academic Representation Co-ordinator who will be providing you with support, training and encouragement alongside the VP Education.


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