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The Holocaust: 74 Years On

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Last week your President, Ben France and VP Education, Sophie Bell attended the Holocast memorial event: speaking across the divide. This is what Ben had to say:

"I would like to say how honoured I am to have Dr Noemie Lopian and Derek Niemann at the University of Chester yesterday evening in commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day on the 27th January. I am sure everyone there would agree with me how deeply thought provoking Noemie and Derek’s words were. The unique opportunity to hear historical eyewitness accounts of the Holocaust, from both sides of the genocide, has given fresh insights into the horrific events that took place between 1941 and 1945. Furthermore, it has encouraged me to remember, both, how lives were changed beyond recognition when six million Jews and others were murdered during the Holocaust and how their loss is still shaping today’s world.

The event has also made me think about more recent genocides, such as those in Cambodia, Rwanda and Darfur, and made me consider how fragile and vulnerable the world can still be at times. We should all challenge prejudice and the language of hatred in today’s society. The more we learn about past atrocities and the causes behind them, the more we speak across the divide, the more WE can do to empathise with other human beings and stop such atrocities from happening again. Thank you, Derek and Noemie."


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