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Students celebrate their Varsity wins

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Students at the University of Chester are celebrating their sporting victory over two Varsity competitions.

‘Varsity’, which is a shortening of the word ‘University’, is when rival universities’ sports teams compete against each other in a day of varsity matches.

Most recently, the University of Chester’s Warrington Campus held its Varsity competition at home, on Wednesday, April 18, where they took part in a series of sporting competitions against Glyndwr University, Wrexham.

Warrington Campus Varsity is in its fourth year. Over 300 athletes competed throughout the day in eight different sports competition, with the aim of taking home the Varsity Trophy. A Cheshire cat mascot race ended the proceedings. It was a tight Varsity throughout the day and the final match of Netball secured Warrington to win the trophy. The final score was 5-4 to Warrington.

Sandro Salemme, CSU Warrington Vice President said: “This was ahistoric day for the Warrington Campus as we finally overcame our rivals Glyndwr to win the Varsity Cup. An incredible day, with an amazing buzz from all the teams and all the spectators! Couldn’t be more proud of every single sportsman and woman who won us Varsity. Many thanks to our rivals from Glyndwr for making the day such an exciting one.”

Chester Campus Varsity took place last month at the city’s Parkgate Road Campus.

It’s the third year of the Chester vs University of Salford Varsity. This year it was hosted at Chester and 24 teams took part including football, rugby, badminton and new clubs including mountaineering and pole fitness. Salford last year won the Varsity trophy and this year Chester were eager to bring it back.

Over 700 athletes competed in the Varsity competition on the day and the rivalry was intense. In the morning, Chester went ahead on points with a solid 5-1 victory in Badminton, Fencing, Ultimate and Volleyball, but as the day went on Salford were creeping back in the lead with strong wins in Pole Fitness, Table Tennis and Rounders. Chester’s supporters grew throughout the day supporting the teams on to push ahead and winning the competition 15-9. Men’s Football secured the victory to the delight of the home spectators.


Photos by Jonathan Lingwood

Jack McGovern, CSU Vice President Activities said: “Varsity is a great day to enjoy sport and bring two universities together. We are really pleased that this year Chester were Varsity winners. Our thanks go to our Salford rivals for making the day a great occasion. Next year the competition will be held at Salford and we are looking to keep the Varsity trophy in Chester..”


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