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Activities: Saving The Environment

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At Chester Students' Union (CSU) we are conscious of the impact our activities have on the environment. In 2017/18, we recorded a £10,000 in saving in transport costs. CSU sports have regular BUCS fixtures on Wednesday at different institutions across the UK from working with the committees we have shared over 23 coaches to fixtures. This year we have recorded 155.07kg of CO2 emissions saved from sharing transport and using better transport links for fixtures on a Wednesday. As the sports teams grow in BUCS this has found a need for sharing transport to fixtures.

On 8th November, a BUCS cup fixture allowed 4 teams competing in Manchester to share a coach. This saved the Activities Department over £840 which allowed extra activities for our sports and societies. Chester also work with the Warrington campus to pick up each other to attend the same tournaments in the North West.

CSU also provides two vehicles, for the use of our student-led groups. Both vehicles are fitted with an eco-boost and training to maximise better fuel efficiency and fewer greenhouse emissions. Drivers are also trained at the start of the year from our Driver Instructor on fuel efficiency and to become a more sustainable driver.


Sarah Latham, Activities Manger said 'We are delighted to see the environmental impact on saving Co2 emissions and money. This wouldn’t be possible without Claire Smith and Alice James working tirelessly to maximising the saving on the Chester and Warrington'.

Jack McGovern , Vice President Activities said  'The Union recognise the positive impacts of good environmental sustainability in the areas of carbon, waste and travel management, and the Union will continue to set targets to make significant improvements in environmental sustainability, supporting the new strategic plan'


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