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Sabbs Fighting For You

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Student Experience Blog update:


What have your Sabbs been fighting for you?


Printing printing printing – It comes up time and time again from students and we have been working with the Uni to get student printing credits. As much as we are behind cheaper printing costs, we are still big on staying green and keeping it on the screen. We have outlined that courses that require printed copies, assignments and dissertations must have cheaper options or change the way students hand their assessments in.


From our last report, we are very pleased to announce that printing costs have significantly decreased and almost halved for students. The Director of LIS reported back that for colour/black and white photocopying on A4 and A3 copying across the University had dropped!  


Keeping Wednesday Afternoons Free Campaign- Headed up by your VP for Activities, Jack McGovern


The following points were noted in the meeting:

  • 763 students responded to the Question of the Month “Do you want Wednesday afternoons free after 12.00 pm for extracurricular activities?” 93% of the students responded with ‘yes’.
  • 99 teaching staff participated in the survey.
  • The students also requested fewer lectures on Friday afternoon and also fewer lectures after 5.00 pm.

A discussion took place.  The Committee felt that the report was slightly biased eg 81% of those students who were involved in the campaign participated in sports and societies.   Other alternatives were discussed.  The Registrar ended the conversation by saying that the University is committed to keeping Wednesday afternoons free from 1.00 pm, unlike some other institutions. 


The Acting Chair thanked the Students’ Union Vice President Activities for presenting his report, for discussion. 


This will continue, but there will be changes to the matter of priority in timetabling with keeping Wednesday Afternoons free.


The Students Union President:


Listed below are some of the items raised in the report.  As follows:

  • The Students’ Union hosted a session on 16 January entitled ‘Let’s Talk About You Event’.  This gave the students an opportunity to input into the development of the Communication Strategy. This would in turn support the student feedback we have seen from students across all satellite campuses and improve communication lines too.
  • Successfully recruited our new CEO, Gareth Pye!
  • The Students’ Union has seen a significant rise in housing cases.  In order to support the students, they have run ‘The Don’t Sign Yet’ campaign to advise students before they enter into a contract.
  • The Vice President Students’ Union (Warrington & Satellites) reported that they had run a successful Social Media campaign at Warrington and Chester.  A report would come to the Committee in due course.
  • A Wellbeing Campaign will be taking place in April week commencing 16-20th. Please watch out for our promotion for the events soon and if you want to volunteer throughout the week, get in touch J
  • The Sports and Societies have raised over £20,000 for charity this term.
  • The Vice President Students’ Union (Education) and her team are working on a new design and brand for the Above and Beyond Awards.
  • Staff in the CH1 Bar have trained their staff on the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign. It encourages students to discreetly ask for help by going to the bar and 'Ask for Angela' - a phrase aimed at alerting bar staff to the cry for help so that they can help defuse the situation to support students who feel victimised or uncomfortable due to the inappropriate behaviour of certain individuals.
  • Student Fees Project is out on Portal
  • Elections and voting with motivated candidates will provide manifestos and encourage more student feedback.


The Acting Chair thanked the Students’ Union President for her informative report. 


Dear VC Campaign Letter – December Campaign based on feedback from students across ALL campuses.


The Students’ Union President presented Dear VC Campaign Letter, sent to the VC on 23 January 2018.  It was noted that over 100 students had submitted a comments card.  Further comments were made on line via social media.  The Students’ Union President agreed to bring the VC’s response to a future Student Experience Committee meeting.   


StARs Interim Report led by Sophie Bell, VP Education.


The following points were noted:

  • Rebranding of StARs to Academic Representation Team to more effectively and accurately include Postgraduate Reps (PG Reps) as well.
  • There has been a reduction in the number of face-to-face training sessions due to the decrease in staffing eg 121 students for 17/18 compared to 377 students during 16/17.
  • The number of StARs are down slightly eg 706 students for 17/18 compared to 807 students during 16/17.   However, the number of PG StARs has increased 63 students for 17/18 compared to 44 students during 16/17.
  • The number of StARs trained online has increased from 283 students for 17/18 compared to 61 students during 16/17.
  • There has been a change of incentives offered to students.
  • A small proportion of the £10,000 StARs budget will be used to fund the annual Above and Beyond Awards (AABs) in June.

The Students’ Union acknowledged thanks to SMT for their ongoing investment and support.




The SABB Officers attend many meetings across the year and we can lobby for different things within each meeting which is necessary. The big question and discussion was at the last hustings about SU Funding, the all big important question. It is something previous presidents have fought for and something we are looking to get this year too; we can confirm that we have had project funding for events, but the fight for stable, long term funding will be at the next University Council meeting, where all the governors and VC attend at the top decision board.


Please watch our spaces and get in touch, should you have any further questions about our campaigns. 





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