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Happy Healthy Students

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At it's Board meeting on Monday night CSU agreed its new Strategic Plan for the next 3 years.

The strategy has built upon the findings of the Let's Talk About You survey conducted between January and March this year. This survey particularly highlighted that you wanted a greater emphasis on Advice and non-alcohol social events, whilst the greatest barrier in completing your studies was stress and your mental well-being.

CSU will have 6 clear strategic aims to be achieved by the year 2021:

  • 80% of students will recognise we are a place for advice and support
  • 50% of students will say we are an exciting place where they belong
  • 80% of students will be satisfied with StARs, council and our officers
  • 80% of our staff and volunteers will say they would recommend us to family and friends
  • 80% of students will say we do a good job of keeping them informed
  • We will have 3 consecutive years of growth in trading surplus

Gareth Pye, CSU CEO believes "the new plan builds upon the success of the last plan which saw a huge increase in those engaged with Sports and Societies. We now need to build a representation system that allows your voice to be heard and an Advice service that supports you to achieve the results you deserve"

Jack McGovern VP Activities stated:

“The union put ourselves out there and we wanted to know how we are seen by students. We have listened. This new strategic plan goes back to basics and ensures that we create a environment for students to be happy and healthy. We have put the wellbeing of our students at the forefront of our plan and we are moving with the times by making ourselves as an organisation more contemporary. The union has gone through a time of change and we are stepping in the right direction to be the union for all students.”

The full strategic plan will be published next month.


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