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Election Candidates Announced

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Student democracy is alive and well with 30  candidates seeking to be on this year's Student Council and 3 students wanting to represent you at next year's national conference.

Voting will take place through the CSU website on the 24th and 25th October with winners announced on the 25th. For all the information you need go to https://www.chestersu.com/elections/

This is the full list of elections and candidates:

BAME Students Rep

Arfana Ali

Eliken Tsiagbe

Faculty of Arts and Humanities Rep

Ashlyn Baker

Michael Jones

Shannan Humphrey

Faculty of Business and Management Rep

David Jones

Harmony Dulay

Tarnia Cooke

International Students Rep

Peter Prokipcak

Riley Moeller

Open Seat Rep (2 vacancies)

Emma Riegel

Lewis Freeman

Michael Zakovics

Nicholas Holloway

Ryley McDowall

Shrewsbury Rep

Adam Read

Courteney Ayre

Ella Osborne

Zoe Powell


NUS Elections

Sophie Bell

Jack Appleby

Leah Dobbs

The following Council positions were unopposed and in line with CSU rules the candidates have been elected to the position for the year:

Lindsey Witkowski                           Commuting Students’ Rep

Catherine Jones                                Faculty of Health and Social Car Rep

Emily-Jayne Clarke                           Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Life Sciences Rep

Petter Sovik                                        Faculty of Science and Engineering Rep

Francesca Todd                                 Faculty of Social Sciences Rep

Alex Divney                                        Invisible Disabilities Rep

Liam Metcalfe-White                     Post Graduate Rep

Niamh Roberts                                  Queens Park Rep

Megan Johnstone                            Thornton Rep

Charlotte Weir                                   Visible Disabilities Rep

Melanie Greenwood                      Warrington Rep



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