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Do you want to be the next VP Activities?

How do you fancy being VP Activities? Over £17k for the year, the chance to work with over 130 different Sports and Societies, develop the Student Media team and organise events like this weekend's Community Cleanup. 

Your current VP Jack certainly recommends the role:

"This job really is like no other, it’s extremely engaging, challenging and enjoyable all at the same time. Meeting and speaking to students, senior management team staff and university/Union departments on a daily basis means that each day is different to the last. Whilst I was a student I was very engaged with the students union, participating in sports regularly whilst also attending social events that the union held, that’s all I really thought a students’ union was. However, since starting the job I have realised that our students Union is so much more than a sports fixture on a Wednesday and a night out on a Friday, it’s also about listening, representing and supporting every student on every matter during their time at University, whether that’s academically or socially."

It really is easy to stand for election. Just nominate yourself, build a campaign team around you and get people to vote. If you know someone that would make a good VP then tell them, it was someone else that planted that seed for Jack:

"It was actually our current president who said to me, I think you should run for Vice president and that planted the seed. I then had meetings with the current Vice president for Activities, Union staff and also University staff, the more I found out about the job the more I wanted to get it. I can’t encourage you enough to put yourself forward, start talking to student and help to make change at our University for the better.”

Nominations close 5p.m. February 23rd

Voting Monday March 5th-Thursday March 8th