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CSU International Rep at NUS National Conference

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Riley Moeller, CSU’s very own International Rep, attended the NUS International Conference 29th-30th January, a first for CSU as Riley is the first International Rep to attend the conference. 

The NUS International Conference is an annual event where all of the International Reps affiliated with the NUS can meet, network with each other and discuss issues affecting them, their studies and the future of Higher Education as an international student.

Riley attended the conference as a voice for the international students that study here at the University. There were debates and discussions around the future of NUS, Brexit and how it will effect international students and the possible effects it might have on Post Work Study Visas. 

Riley told CSU of her experience: 'I recently attended the National Union of Students International Conference on behalf of Chester Students’ Union, in Manchester.  Going into the experience I had no idea what to expect, or if I would even have anything to say being new to the international representative role.  The conference didn’t hold back though and it was full of surprises. The delegates attending were all so passionate about each of their Unions and all international students across the UK. You could feel the tension from everyone in the room when debating topics and running elections, all the way from an attempted boycott to inspirational speeches, because the topics we covered directly affected each and every one of us.  I got to help develop a policy that ended up getting passed, and we were able to pass and amend other policies being brought forth. 

‘Being a part of a movement that is making things happen is an amazing experience. Through all of our disagreements and agreements I came out with a sense of pride for my work, and friends from all across the UK. It was an amazing experience I was so lucky to have, thanks to Chester Students’ Union.'


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