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CSU Celebrates LGBT+ History Month!

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LGBT+ History Month Banner

Since 2005, LGBT+ History Month has served as an opportunity to pause and reflect on the historic struggles, achievements and lives of LGBT+ people. Though we’ve covered the month in the past through our social media channels, this year we’re massively expanding our programme of promotions and events. Throughout February, we’re running physical events at 3 of our major sites – Chester Parkgate Road, Warrington and Shrewsbury – with enough variety to ensure there’s something for everyone?

What is LGBT+ History Month?

Started by the charity Schools Out in 2005, LGBT+ History Month is a celebration of the lives and histories of LGBT+ people. Every February, they aim to promote equality and diversity by increasing the visibility of LGBT+ peoples’ historical experiences through a mix of education, activism and events. Each year has its own theme. Previous years have looked at topics as diverse as Religion, Citizenship, Sport, Music and LGBT+ peoples’ contributions to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

What’s this year’s theme?

2020 sees participants celebrating the successes of LGBT+ writers through the Poetry, Prose and Plays theme. Each week we’ll be setting time aside to consider the contributions an important figure in the history of literature who identified as lesbian, gay, bi or trans.

What else is going on?

CSU is running a variety of different events across 3 sites, giving as many people as possible the chance to get involved!


WHAT:                  Pronouns Workshops

WHERE:               Tuesday 4th February at 5:30PM @ Warrington Martin 101

                              Monday 10th February at 5:30PM @ Chester Binks 106/2

                              Monday 24th February at 5:30PM @ Shrewsbury Guildhall 019

DESCRIPTION: Navigating the use of pronouns can be challenging, particularly if you’re not regularly involved in LGBT+ spaces. If you’ve ever been unsure about how to kindly and appropriately talk to and about trans and enby people and their experiences, this session is for you. A non-judgemental space filled with fun activities, advice and info.


WHAT:                  East Bloc Love Movie Screening

WHERE:               Thursday 6th February at 7PM @ Chester Varsity Bar

                              Friday 5th February at 5:30PM @ Warrington Martin 028

                              Tuesday 11th February at 5:30PM @ Shrewsbury Guildhall 126

DESCRIPTION: In this dramatic 2011 documentary, young Sergey is an openly gay activist in Belarus and has endured violence from police and skinheads. When his boyfriend is shot on the border, he begins his fight for gay equality. Preparing for a defiant stand on the streets of the nation's capital Minsk, Sergey and a few brave activists brace to show their PRIDE against the last dictatorship in Europe. An amazing portrait of the struggle for LGBT rights in Eastern Europe. There will be a space after the movie to discuss your thoughts and feelings.


WHAT:                  Soldiers in Love Lecture

WHERE:               Wednesday 5th February @ 5:30PM at Shrewsbury Guildhall 021

                              Tuesday 25th February @ 5:30PM at Chester Binks 107

                              Thursday 27th February @ 5:30PM at Warrington Martin 035

DESCRIPTION: You may have seen this in the news last year (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-38932955) – the tale of two soldiers, Gilbert and Gordon, whose uncovered letters told a powerful story of gay love during WW2. This hour-long lecture by the curator of the collection, Mark Hignett from Oswestry Town Museum, tells their complete story, the historical risks of being gay in the military and discusses how the letters came to light. A really fascinating talk from an enthusiastic and passionate speaker.


WHAT:                  Crafternoon!

WHERE:               Wednesday 12th February 2-4PM @ Warrington Martin 222

                              Wednesday 12th February 2-4PM @ Chester SU Social Space

                              Wednesday 26th February 2-4PM @ Shrewsbury Guildhall 019

DESCRIPTION: A brill afternoon of crafty goodness in a laid-back, low-pressure space. Come along and make your own badge celebrating LGBT History Month, work on a drawing or piece of art or maybe even make a zine or write a creative piece!


We’d love to see you at one (or more!) of these events. We’re working hard to run more and more varied events over more and more campuses – keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks and months for more opportunities to get involved.


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