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A Warm Welcome at CSU

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When we moved the old Starbucks into the Shop at the end of last year we had a big discussion about what we could provide in that area.

Although we had offers from some companies to take the space we decided that what CSU was lacking most was a reception area to cater for your needs.

From this Freshers the old Starbucks will be branded CSU Reception and will be your one stop shop to book an appointment with one of our advice team, drop off and pick up forms to run your Sports or Society and claim expenses back from us.

Aware that many of you also need advice and support in finding work and a place to live we have decided that it will also advertise jobs and rooms from employers and landlords that support a quality student experience.

These have been a particular priority for your new President Ben France:

“providing students with the best part time job opportunities and making it easier to find a house is a key focus of my attention because these aspects of University life play a significant role in peace of mind”

Gareth Pye, CEO, added “the reception will be staffed by students for students providing a new and positive way for you to gain work and experience through your Union as you study”

If you are a local employer, landlord or letting agent and would like to advertise through the new reception please contact a.james@chester.ac.uk for more information.


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