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63 years of Alumni!

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I recently had the opportunity to attend the Development and Alumni Relations Annual General Meeting (AGM) and dinner party on Saturday the 8th October. The AGM allowed the Union to update committee members on the work conducted from each service that is provided by the Union in the 2017/2018 period.

Following the AGM, a dinner party, consisting of Alumni members from 63 years ago was held, where networking took place between myself and the Alumni members. I heard some really interesting stories about the changes that had been made to the University of Chester and I learned about the differences in difficulties that students faced across time. The sense of community that is present in the Alumni committee is outstanding and was a running theme across the day.

Massive shout out to the current sectary of the Alumni Committee (Stan France, pictured below with myself doing the France handshake!) who provided us all with laughter and insight at both the AGM and the dinner party. If you are thinking about being a member of the Alumni community, then please do drop a line to alumni@chester.ac.uk



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