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Review of 2017/18

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SUMMARY OF 2017/18

As a PhD student, I had originally studied at Nottingham. During my time there I joined the Flair Society and became passionate about cocktails since then. Moving to Chester to work on my PhD, I wanted to recreate the experience of the Flair Society here for others to enjoy it as much as I did.

From Fresher’s Week onwards, I was gauging the interest of a flair society. Somewhere to learn flair bartending and cocktails. The reception from people I asked was positive. So I started to gather signatures from people I knew to get started on creating the society.

During 2018, arrangements had been made with the Student Union bar so that some early taster sessions could be hosted on campus. Working with the student union has now made the society official starting the 18-19 academic year.



The major triumph was the creation of the society last year.

Taster sessions were organised.


PLANS FOR 2018-19

For the next year, we are excited to see lots of interest in the society as it makes its first year as a society.


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