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Student Council

Student Council brings representatives together from across the University, along with the Sabbatical Officers, to discuss and debate changes proposed by the students they are representing. The individuals who form the council are elected by you, to make your opinions heard. Please do contact them by email by clicking (contact) next to their name if you have any questions or concerns you wish to raise.
In October 2019, Autumn Byelections were run for vacant Student Council positions. Your current representatives are as follows:

Faculty Reps




Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Mishaal Amin (contact)

Faculty of Business & Management   

Chloe Tonge (contact)

Faculty of Health & Social Care

Harriet Adams (contact) & Paige Sewell (contact)                    

Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Life Sciences

Hafiz Wagar Elahi Sheikh (contact)                       

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Riley Moeller (contact)                                       

Faculty of Social Sciences

Emmeline Maw (contact)                            

Faculty of Education and Children's Services Ieva Vasiljevaite (contact)


Liberation Reps


Liberation area



Arfana Ali (contact)

Commuting Students’

Gaynor Llewelyn Jenkins (contact)                          


Atharva Kelkar (contact)

LGBTQ+ Emma Gray (contact)

Open Seat 1

Melanie Greenwood (contact)

Open Seat 2

Emma Riegel (contact)


Dale Tromans (contact)                    

Visible Disabilities

Charlotte Weir (contact)                                  

Invisible Disabilities Stephanie Taylor (contact)
Mature Students' Peter Davies (contact)
Women's  Yasmin Ruane (contact)

NUS Delegates

Rio Hall (contact)

Jack Appleby (contact)

Melanie Hooper (contact)