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Student Experience Rep Resources



Below you will find all the resources you need to equip you with the knowledge and skills to undertake your role as a rep effectively and efficiently.

Please download and read the Student Handbook. This has been designed to give you all the knowledge you need! Student Handbook

To find your Faculty Rep use the contact form here

To keep connected and up to date with all things rep related join the Facebook group and get involved


A Staff Handbook has been designed to give staff the knowledge and understanding of the Student Experience Rep system. Please download and read the handbook: Staff Handbook

If you have any students that would like to start up and Academic Society please refer to the Academic Society Handbook, this can be downloaded here: Academic Society Handbook

Further Information:

If you require any further information (staff or students) please contact us: studentreps@chester.ac.uk or submit your feedback through the online feedback form via Portal

Student-Staff Partnership Agreement

Board of Studies