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Student Experience Reps


Why become a Student Experience Rep?

  • To make new friends: by being a rep you will meet like-minded people and have the opportunity to network
  • To make a difference: by being a rep you will be able to make a difference by voicing the opinions of your course, therefore you will positively contribute to enhancing the student experience
  • To build relationships: as a rep you will work alongside a variety of University and Union staff
  • To be involved: as a rep you will be involved in making positive change and enhancing student experiences across campus!
  • To stand out: by being a rep you will develop and enhance your skills which will look great on your CV!

What do Student Experience Reps do?

Student Expedience Reps are there to voice student thoughts, opinions and feedback from their courses on a variety of themes, these can be academic and non-academic as well as being positive and negative. Course Reps and Faculty Reps are both expected to attend training sessions once elected.

Student Experience Reps?

Student Experience Reps are split into two areas, Course Reps and Faculty Reps, firstly there are Course Reps which represent their students on their course within their year of study, and they will gather feedback from their fellow students on various topics surrounding academic and non-academic areas, these could be both positive and negative. Course Rep elections will take place in class within your first few weeks of term. If you have not heard anything please contact the Academic Representation Team via email: studentreps@chester.ac.uk 

Faculty Reps are elected to give a student voice accross the whole faculty. Faculty Reps will also be part of Student Council, which is facilitated by Chester Students' Union. Faculty Reps will also sit on their departments Board of Studies (BoS) meetings to ensure students are views and voices are heard at a higher level. Faculty Reps will also be invited to attend the Universities Student Experience Committee (SEC). You will receive more information about Student Council from CSU and BoS from your department. 

What is BoS?

Board of Studies is a Faculty level meeting that takes place to have oversight of academic planning matters and to be responsible for learning and teaching, continuous enhancement and quality and standards assurance of the programmes of study and student experience delivered in the Faculty, including for the programmes delivered by, or with the support of, external organisations.

What is SEC?

For more information regarding Student Experience Representation contact studentreps@chester.ac.uk