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Student Experience Reps

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Chester Students’ Union primary role is to enhance your student experience. Here at CSU we represent 19,000 (ish) students and you as a Student Experience Representative can be a part of it too. We believe Student Voice should be heard on all levels and across all programmes within the university. CSU and the University of Chester are committed to building and strengthening relationships to maintain a strong system of Student Representation. Here at CSU, YOU the students are at the heart of teaching, learning, campaigning and activities to maintain YOUR student experience. There are many opportunities to become involved and represent YOUR students, either as a Course Rep or a Faculty Rep!

Why become a Student Experience Rep?

  • To make new friends: by being a rep you will meet like-minded people and have the opportunity to network
  • To make a difference: by being a rep you will be able to make a difference by voicing the opinions of your course, therefore you will positively contribute to enhancing the student experience
  • To build relationships: as a rep you will work alongside a variety of University and Union staff
  • To be involved: as a rep you will be involved in making positive change and enhancing student experiences across campus!
  • To stand out: by being a rep you will develop and enhance your skills which will look great on your CV!

What do Student Experience Reps do?

Student Expedience Reps are there to voice student thoughts, opinions and feedback from their courses on a variety of themes, these can be academic and non-academic as well as being positive and negative. Course Reps and Faculty Reps are both expected to attend training sessions once elected.

Course Reps:

As a Course Rep you will be the voice that represents YOUR students, attend meetings with academic staff at least 3 times a year, you will also participate in CSU campaigns and events. A main part of your role will include acting as a feedback loop between academic staff and your course mates. If you have a win you would like to shout about email the Academic Rep team to let us know!

Faculty Reps:

Faculty Reps will represent everyone within their faculty, they will be the voice to ensure positive and negative feedback is heard and change is made. Faculty Reps will sit on Students’ Council and will meet regularly with VP Education to discuss what has happened within their faculties. Find your Faculty Rep here.

For more information regarding Student Experience Representation contact studentreps@chester.ac.uk