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Do you have an idea about how the Union, University and the student community could be improved?

We want to hear from YOU. Submit your ideas here for students to vote on over a period of 28 days, and if your idea receives over 50 votes with the majority in favour we will take your idea forward through the appropriate channels. 

This may be passed to Student Council for discussion, a University committee or meeting with the designated staff member(s) and students who may be involved on how to turn your idea into real life all for the benefits of students.

When you submit an idea it won't go up straight away as we will need to make sure it is not offensive or illegal. Assuming it isn't, your idea will go up on the Friday after you submitted it. We will also offer you the chance to do a quick video about your idea to go out on our social media.




Any queries please contact csustudentvoice@chester.ac.uk  

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    Printing Facilities for Students in The Centre for Foundation Studies, Gateway House

      There are currently no printing facilities for students in The Centre for Foundation Studies, Gateway House. This has been brought up in the SSLC meetings previous to myself being a rep, and still students cannot print in Gateway House. If any students here need to print we are told that we have to print down on Parkgate Road Campus. It can be so frustrating if you want to print something and cannot. I am personally only at Parkgate Road one morning a week. There is a printer/photocopier etc. here but this is for Staff only. Lets try and get this facility for students in place.
    Dennise Shepherd
    9:03pm on 5 Mar 19 Frankly unacceptable that Foundation year should have less facilities than the rest of Chester Uni students
    Michael Jones
    1:25pm on 6 Mar 19 Happy to support you this! Many students looking to do Arts and Humanities undergraduate degrees next year are affected by this. Foundation students deserve equal access to facilities as those doing undergrad/postgrad study.
    Simon Roberts
    2:23pm on 7 Mar 19 Thanks for your support Michael, share this around as much as you can and encourage students to vote it would be muchly appreciated. :-)