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Do you have an idea about how the Union, University and the student community could be improved?

We want to hear from YOU. Submit your ideas here for students to vote on over a period of 28 days, and if your idea receives over 50 votes with the majority in favour we will take your idea forward through the appropriate channels. 

This may be to Student Council for discussion, a University committee or meeting with the designated staff member(s) and students who may be involved on how to turn your idea into real life all for the benefits of students.

When you submit an idea it won't go up straight away as we will need to make sure it is not offensive or illegal. Assuming it isn't, your idea will go up on the Friday after you submitted it. We will also offer you the chance to do a quick video about your idea to go out on our social media.




Any queries please contact csustudentvoice@chester.ac.uk  

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    Outdoor bootcamps (Morning sessions - 6am, 6:30 am or 7am start?)

      helping you build strength and increase your cardiovascular in a fun and exciting way. This could be perfect for those who are also curious/taking part in obstacle course like tough mudder or just want that extra push to meet their personal goals. At the end of every month we can do a test/ review on fitness as a group. This will give you a short term goal to want to meet. Not compulsory. Just an idea. This can be separate from the outdoor bootcamps or part of. Please comment below and make more suggestions. There is also a comment box in the uni gym at the reception. What times are best? What days? What would you like to see in the bootcamps ?
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