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About Our Group


Malaysian Society (MSoc)


What is the society about?  what type of society is it? 

The Malaysian Society aims to bring Malaysian student that study in the university together and to give an insight for students that interested in Malaysia culture.

For Malaysian students, We aim to bring everyone together, to provide supports to everyone, to get information and updates for the welfare benefit of Malaysian students. We also work with UKEC and Education Malaysia to bring more support and connectivity with other Malaysian society around the UK.

We also welcome other students to join in to learn more about us, we are here to introduce to you the Malaysian culture, history, who we are and our country’s specialties.


Our values are:

  • To bring supports and information for the Malaysian member from UKEC or Embassy Malaysia
  • To deliver an insight for students who are interested in Malaysia
  • To provide a connectivity with other Malaysian Society in UK
  • To create a sense of belonging here at University of Chester
  • To enable members to support each other


Key Information (When, Where and How Often We Meet)

Our activities will be held monthly, however things might change depend on the Covid-19 situation, but events can be held online by using Teams or Zoom or Kahoot depend on the activities.


Events and activities, we are organising this year:

Freshers taster sessions and welcome events – September/ October 2020


Why Should You Join Us?


We hope all the Malaysians in the university to join the society so that we can help out and connect everyone together. We also welcome to all other students to join our society to make our society more diverse and wider community.


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Inclusion and Accessibility information


*This information can be updated as and when your rooms are booked and you receive Diversity inclusion and accessibility training in September. If you know that the space, you typically use when you book a room is wheelchair accessible please add here. 



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Registration Details

Registered Office: Parkgate Road, Chester CH1 4BJ
Registered in England Company Number: 7623621
Registered Charity Number: 1149397

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