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About Our Group


Name of society – Game Dev Society


What is the society about? 


Learning and experiencing what is it like to be within the gaming industry, learning how everything is made, how it is all put together.


Is the society developmental? Fun? Relaxing?  Does it increase opportunities to progress professionally? Does it teach a new skill or provide a place for likeminded individuals?


It will be a fun experience, with great opportunities to learn many new skills or to even improve on them. It won’t be as intense as the industry but a brief idea of what is installed. 





Our values are:


  • To create a sense of belonging here at University of Chester
  • To promote continual learning, professional development and networking
  • To enable members to support each other
  • To provide a nonjudgmental base for discussion of ideas and opinions?
  • To experience a new skill and to explore new opportunities. 


Key Information (When, Where and How Often We Meet)

Brief idea of what your weekly/ monthly sessions are like and if you know when you wish to hold them.  I would like it to be once every week, the sessions will include doing mini game jams, learning how to code, draw and design 3D models.

Have you thought of online events that you can hold where more students could attend remotely? Game jams via the use of discord also if it was easy doing the lessons online with other users.


Events and activities, we are organizing this year:

Freshers taster sessions and welcome events – September/ October 2020

Christmas Night Out – December 2020

Quiz Night – January 2021

Film screening – February 2021

End of year Ball – June 2020


Own list:


There are multiple game jams going on all year round around the world that can be done online.

Night of game: where people can play videogames, party games or other things related to the gaming world.


Why Should You Join Us?


Please add any previous year information here, has it been successful for specific reasons? Are you looking for a lot of new members? Any room for new committee roles from new joiners? 


The past few years haven’t been great due to members not being responsible of there roles and not helping out when they were asked but I’ve got a great team this year that I know will be great, in bring new members to the society and make their experience fun and memorable.


Is it a friendly environment for new members? Is it lighthearted? Engaging? Supportive? Etc

Yes there is always a friendly environment.


Contact Us



FACEBOOK: Leon Robinson

INSTAGRAM:  N/A but will make one for the society

TWITTER: N/A but will make on for the Society 

Inclusion and Accessibility information


*This information can be updated as and when your rooms are booked and you receive Diversity inclusion and accessibility training in September. If you know that the space, you typically use when you book a room is wheelchair accessible please add here. 



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Registration Details

Registered Office: Parkgate Road, Chester CH1 4BJ
Registered in England Company Number: 7623621
Registered Charity Number: 1149397

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